Hope for Ghana is a non-profit tax-deductible public charity founded in 2011 whose mission is to create opportunity through education for the children of Ghana. It is said that one’s journey to Africa will never be one’s last. A pediatrician in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I will soon embark on my 20th trip home to Ghana, nearly 30 years since my first trip as a medical student. For me it has been a journey that has redefined my own path in life.

Hope for Ghana is invested in enhancing the lives of the children in the rural villages of Ghana and bringing them new ways of learning. A vision inspired by 28 beautiful orphans at Ryvanz-Mia Orphanage gave birth to Hope for Ghana’s mission that has come to life in the creation of libraries and computer labs that continue to have an impact on the lives of thousands of Ghanaian children. Today Hope for Ghana stands ready to build the next library and computer lab in a small village that will provide hope and opportunity to children who are hungry to learn, yet who do not have the adequate books and resources for their education and development.

Hope for Ghana’s mission is to provide educational tools never before available to these children, tools that will provide them the opportunity for a brighter future. Please join me as we change the way these children learn forever. The possibilities are boundless.

With much gratitude,

Steve Greene, MD



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